Gringotts - a Safebox for your Data

Gringotts is a secure notes manager for Linux and other UNIX-like systems. It is based on libgringotts, which provides a backend for managing the data files on the disk.

Gringotts was originally written by Germano Rizzo with contributions from other people. It is currently maintained by Shlomi Fish.


For downloads see the Berlios page.


13-Jun-2009 - Gringotts 1.2.10 was Released

Gringotts 1.2.10 was released. It is identical to 1.2.10pre3. This version features beter GNOME HIG compliance, a fix for the preferences parser, and an optional minimise to tray-icon option. Thanks ot Rorschach and wwp for their contributions.

03-Sep-2008 - Gringotts 1.2.10pre2 was Released

Gringotts 1.2.10pre2 was released. This version fixes the behaviour of some dialogs to make them more GNOME HIG compliant and behave more consistently and in a less buggy way. It also fixes the preferences parser (Thanks to wwp for the patches.) Finally, a patch was applied to add an optional tray icon for gringotts so it can be minimised to tray. (Thanks to Rorschach).

25-Jan-2008 - Gringotts 1.2.9 was Released

Gringotts 1.2.9 was released. This version is the first non-pre release since 1.2.8 was released a long time ago, and incorporates many patches by Germano Rizzo, Shlomi Fish, wwp and others. These are mostly bug-fixes, but there are also a few enhancements. More information can be found in the ChangeLog file in the distribution.

Gringotts 1.2.9pre3 was Released

Gringotts 1.2.9pre3 was released. This version incorporates the relevant parts of README.Debian into the README file, and clarifies the error message when it is invoked as SUID-root without enough lockable memory. If all goes well, it will become gringotts-1.2.9.

Gringotts 1.2.9pre2 was Released

Gringotts 1.2.9pre2 was released. This version incorporates many bug-fixes, including the recent Gringotts-Shlomif patch, the patches from the Debian package, and other patches. If all goes well, it will become gringotts-1.2.9.

gringotts-1.2.9pre2 now requires gtk+-2.12.x, or a compatible version.